"A Clean Paw Equals A Clean House!"


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Large Paw Wash Combo

Suggested for dog weight: 20-125 lbs. Large Paw Wash Combo also includes Paw Wash Microfiber Mitt.


Includes Shipping*

Due to overwhelming demand this spring season, the large size is currently unavailable. Please check back next month!

Small Paw Wash Combo

for dog weight:
5 - 20 lbs.
Small Paw Wash Combo also includes Paw Wash Microfiber Mitt.


Includes Shipping*

Paw Wash Mitt

To help dry your dogs cleaned paws, with the Microfiber Paw Wash Mitt.
The Paw Wash Mitt is roughly 12" x 9"


Includes Shipping*

* - Includes Shipping to US Locations Only. International orders can be made through one of the companies listed on our Retail Locations Link under International Retailers.

Worlds Most Ingenious Dog Washer

Welcome to the Paw Wash, inventors of the world’s most ingenious dog paw cleaners on the market today. Paw Washes have been sold to pet owners all over the world and helped dog owners power wash their dog’s paws no matter how muddy, sandy, or nasty they have become by going in and outdoors.


The Paw Wash is recommended by veterinarians, breeders, and dog owners on-the-go of every kind who share a common bond – love for their animals and a desire to keep their home, apartment, condo, car, or office free from what dogs can track in.

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