Say Goodbye to This #1 Fall Problem!

Muddy. Dog. Paws.

Yes, the horrible muddy mess that gets tracked all over your house and in your car after traveling to dog parks! Well, The Paw Wash was developed to save the day and let you and your dog enjoy the muddy fall again!

It is so simple to use and you can take it wherever you need to go! Just fill with water, add a few drops of shampoo and insert your dog's paws. Pump the Paw Wash up and down serval times to remove all that muddy mess!

When the paw comes out it is clean and then dry it with the Paw Wash Mitt! You don't have to deal with any more mud or bacteria getting tracked into your home! Plus, it is like a doggy massage for your dog, so they can't get enough of it!

Save yourself the trouble and hassle this fall and check out The Paw Wash/ The Paw Wash Mitt!

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